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Abbreviation Meaning
a.a.r.against all risks
A/Caccount current
A/Tamerican terms (insurance)
B.L., B/Lbill of lading
c.a.d. (c/d)cash against documents
c.a.f.cost, assurance freigh included
cf, c.f, c & fcost and freight
c.i., c & icost and insurance
C/Icertificate of insurance in advance
c.i.f.cost, assurance freigh included
c.i.f. & c.cost insurance freight & commission
c.i.f.c. & i.cost insurance freight commission & interest
c.o.d., codcash on delivery on shipment with order
D.A., D/Adocuments against acceptance
D.A.D.documents against disposition
d.f.dead freight
D/Ndebit note
D.O. (D/o)delivery order
d/pdocuments against payment
D/Wdock warrant
E.c.english conditions (insurance)
E.O.M.end of month
Ffirst class
f.a.a., faafree of all average alongside ship on board at harbor
F & Dfreight and demurrage from alongside
fgt, frtfreight in and out on aircraft
f.o.b., fobfree on board of charge of damage on quay on rail
FORfree on road on ship on truck on waggon of particular average
Abbreviation Meaning
frt. pp.freight prepaid
g.a., G/Ageneral average bond
i.p.a.including particular average
i.t.immediate transport
L/Cletter of credit
L. & D.loss and damage
M.D.month’s date
M.I.P.marine insurance policy
M/Pmonths after payment
M/Rmate’s receip
N/tnew terms weight floating policy (insurance)
O.R.D.owner’s risk of damage
O/Told terms
P/aparticular average
P.L.partial loss
P/Npromissory note on delivery
rect. (rept.)receipt
RPreply paid
S. & F.A.shipping and forwarding agent
s.g. ( gravity
S/Nshipping note
T/Atrade acceptance
t.l.o., loss only quality
uc.usual conditions
ut.usual terms
W.B.way bill
w.g.weight guaranteed
w/m, W/Mweight or measurement
wpawith particular average
W.R.war risk
W/Rwarehouse receipt
W/Wwarehouse warrant