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TMT Division

What is TMT?

◎ TMT rebars (Thermo-Mechanically Treated Reinforcement bars), is one of the very commonly used construction materials. ◎ These provide the needed sturdiness for the building structures and ensure their longevity. ◎The thermo-mechanical treatment helps in toughening the crust of the outer steel and leaving the inner core incredibly soft to provide strength along with ductility and bendability. ◎ These are manufactured through 2 different routes of manufacturing which define the category of TMT bars, namely Primary and Secondary TMT.

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Material Grades of TMT

Size Wt./mtr Wt./bar (Kg) No. of bars/bundle Wt./bundle
Standard Grade Size
IS 1786Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550D, Fe550D CRS, Fe600D, Fe600D CRS, Fe650D, Fe650D CRS8mm ~ 32mm
ASTM A 615 MGr. 40/ 608mm ~ 40mm
TS 708 VCHVCH IA, IIIA, IVA8mm ~ 50mm
BS 4449Gr. 250/ 460A/ 460B6mm ~ 50mm
ELOT 971S5006mm ~ 32mm
DIN 488BSt 420 S/ BSt 500 S6mm ~ 28mm
NFA 35-106Fe E500-2/ Fe 500-36mm ~ 16mm
PS 90Gr. A 400 NR/ Gr. A 500 NR6mm ~ 40mm